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Prototype mold production

Prototype mold

Prototype molds will be made of aluminum alloy to reduce costs.
The optimal number of molded products is 50 to 10,000.

Prototype mold1
Prototype mold2
Prototype mold3
quick delivery

Minimum delivery time is 7 to 10 days. (Delivery time depends on the shape.)
The use of cassette type aluminum alloy molds optimizes the process and reduces the time required for manufacturing.

quick delivery1
quick delivery2
quick delivery3
low cost

Our design support engineers will advise you on how to manufacture your product more efficiently and provide you with a quote within 24 hours.
In addition, our expertise and experience in resin flow, shrinkage, and mold structure will allow us to make better proposals.

low cost1
low cost2
low cost3

By replacing manual polishing with machine processing in the production of molds for products that require mirror finishing, it is possible to shorten delivery times and minimize costs.


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