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What we can do at Shimura Seiki
What we can do because of Shimura Seiki

We put our heart and soul into each and every part that you request.
In order to deliver parts that satisfy our customers, we have a system in place for each department.
The number of facilities and production control systems that can handle a wide variety of products in small lots with short delivery times as well as mass production.
In addition, the company has the technology and equipment to handle everything from micromachining to large-scale processing.
In addition to production from drawings, the company is capable of integrated production from sketching of idea products to design, processing, and delivery.
Shimura’s precision processing technology enables us to deliver products that are the best of both worlds.

Precision Processing

We can meet the strictest requirements in terms of law, geometric tolerance, angle, surface roughness, and burr removal.
We meet the high-precision demands of our customers with a wide range of processing technologies for both resin and metal.

Precision Processing1
Precision Processing2
Precision Processing3

We can handle not only shape processing but also parts processing, mirror surface processing, fine groove processing, and fine hole processing that require high surface accuracy by using small diameter tools of φ0.1.

Machining difficult

We can process titanium, chromium molybdenum, inconel, and tungsten, which are considered difficult-to-cut materials.

Machining difficult1
Machining difficult2
Machining difficult3
additional processing

Our production facilities are capable of mass production with precision processing of die-cast products and follow-up processing of resin molded products.
It is less costly than rebuilding from scratch and can shorten the delivery time.

additional processing1
additional processing2
additional processing3
Research and Development

We are involved in research and development for customers throughout Japan and overseas, and are capable of planning, developing, designing, manufacturing, and assembling a variety of products, from product devices to simple jigs and tools.

Research and Development1
Research and Development2
Research and Development3
Quality Assurance

We will continue to develop as a reliable company by guaranteeing high-precision parts through inspections using three-dimensional measuring instruments, measuring microscopes, and various gauges, as well as thorough quality control.

Quality Assurance1
品Quality Assurance2
Quality Assurance3
new normal

We can provide you with a quote on the same day, and meetings can be held online.
We will realize “monozukuri” that meets the needs of the new normal era.

new normal1
new normal2

Materials handled

Aluminum A2011 / A2024 / A5052 / A6061 / A7075 / ADC12 etc
Stainless steel SUS303 / SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS440C / SUS430 / SUS630 etc
Titanium Ti6Al4V / TB340 etc
copper C3604(brass) / C1011 / C1020 etc
Iron SS400 / S50C etc
Magnesium AZ91 etc
  • ABS
  • POM
  • PPS
  • PBT
  • PES
  • PC
  • PBT
  • PA
  • PEEK
  • PP
  • Norill
  • Unirate
  • With various types of glass

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